Messenger for Politicians

  • The first Facebook Messenger bot specifically designed for politicians
  • Chat sequences and templates tailor-made for the needs of campaigns
  • A seamless way to expand your database

Have a look at our video about WinWith.Me!

Test the features of our bot building platform!

Oliver the Politician is WinWith.Me's Messenger bot. He is our test politician who is a real champion of Messenger bots.

Chat with him! And we promise: If you try chatting with him, you will quickly see a Messenger bot's benefits for your campaign.

Chat with Oliver!

WinWith.Me is integrated with NationBuilder

If NationBuilder is the main community building platform of your campaign or NGO, now you can connect to your people in nation also through the unlimited messaging features of our bot-builder, WinWith.Me.
WinWith.Me with NationBuilder

Messenger bots are the next big thing in political communication

The 2020 electoral cycle will be the first that features Facebook Messenger bots as a must for every candidate and movement. Messenger bots open a new, more direct and more personal channel to engage with voters, taking interactions and discussions with voters to the next level.

This is the best tool to reach millennial voters who tend to stay away from traditional channels of communication.

Why messenger bots?

Why WinWith.Me?

WinWith.Me was designed by political campaign experts and database engineers specifically for the needs of politicians and social movements. Our solution serves your needs better than other products in the market because we know how election campaigns work, we are experts of contemporary integrated data solutions, and we have actual experience in this field.

Are you interested?

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