Chatition rather than petition – don’t miss out on the revolution in petition signature collection

Chatition is a special form of collecting signatures online. Here, the user will be guided through an automated conversation where they can learn more about the issue and sign the petition if they so desire.


How to double the value of your Facebook ad spending with the help of Messenger

A Facebook campaign is a huge competitive advantage for those parties which know best how to reach voters and have the requisite tools, too.


7 conclusions for political campaigns about Zuckerberg’s vision for social media

Since political campaigns rely quite heavily on the services provided by Facebook, his vision merits an intense look. In our analysis, we try to read between the lines and draw conclusions concerning the major impacts of the anticipated shift in Facebook’s strategy.



WinWith.Me's analytical algorithms will tell you on what channels you can most effectively communicate with any given voter; what particular issues are most likely to have a mobilizing impact on the given voter; what types of initiative might be able to draw them into your circle of activists, etc.


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