The DatAdat model of rethinking political participation in the Digital Era

Mobilization takes many forms, the most relevant one obviously being voting. But as a working and high-quality democracy involves continuous interactions between politicians and the people they represent, mobilization, too, is a broader concept than election day Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts. In fact, if one looks at electoral mobilization as the peak of the pyramid of various layers of democratic activity, then one must look at the various layers of activity below as essential for the system to work.

Mobilization always involves the work of activists, campaign staff, party members, civil groups that are sympathetic on certain policy issues. These are needed to develop the structural framework to operate campaigns (as well as everyday operations outside the campaign) successfully, and to mobilize when it matters most, namely on election day.

Given the fundamental scarcity of human and other resources in organizing activities, WinWith.Me is an essential tool in the optimal exploitation of these resources. You cannot afford to let your activists spend hours knocking on doors that are never going to open, literally or figuratively.

A crucial aspect of mobilization is also to avoid informational or contact overkill, leading a user from “turning off” when they see your messages and potentially shying away from involvement because of what might be termed overcommunication. This is crucial both in terms of saving you energy more productively applied elsewhere, as well as saving the voter from a negative experience that they might associate with you. Knowing when to shut up may be at least as important as knowing when to talk and what to say, and a well-designed WinWith.Me can greatly enhance your success in this respect, too.

The understanding and insights gleaned by the proper use of the WinWith.Me's analytical algorithms will help you deploy your resources with highest level of effectiveness conceivable. They will tell you on what channels you can most effectively communicate with any given voter; what particular issues are most likely to have a mobilizing impact on the given voter; what types of initiative might be able to draw them into your circle of activists, etc.

To hark back to the pyramid metaphor above, a properly used WinWith.Me can be a major boost in planning, designing and to a significant extent even executing (through automated messages) the entire mobilization pyramid, from event planning to activist recruitment all the way to GOTV.

That will still leave you with lots to do, and of course throughout the entire process HR input is needed, in a variety of capacities (e.g. designing initiatives, writing copy for messages, posts, etc., interpreting the data, knocking on doors, etc.). For one, WinWith.Me is helpful in significantly reducing the work hours needed for the performance of many tasks, and, more importantly, in allowing you to do things that it would simply have been impossible to do before, such as comprehensive Big Data analysis on a wide variety of issues, with greater precision and accuracy than previous analytical solutions allowed.

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