How will you win with WinWith.Me and Digitribe?

Campaign managers believe that interactions are great for building commitment and they are right. Engagement is a form of mobilization, for example, and any action taken by the voters in the context of mobilization adds to our understanding of them, creating new data and potentially novel insights...


Trends of 2019 in political communication technology

We believe that the next year will still be about personalization, better targeting and more efficient online outreach.


Political Messenger bots and the holidays

The Holiday Season offers a great opportunity for politicians, organizations and parties to have special broadcast during this special period of the year.


You will finally reach the Millennials with Messenger bots

WinWith.Me has been designed with the Millennials in our mind. This will be your perfect tool to reach them. Be in their pockets on their’ smartphones. Reach out to them by targeted, personalized Messenger broadcasts. Ask them to share their views on issues, initiatives and political scandals.


Are you interested?

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