Messaging templates

Have quick, pre-tested conversations: Messenger bot dialogues are based on pre-set templates and sequences. These are easy-to-use solutions to manage a wide variety of challenging communication scenarios.

Interactive channel

Engagement through conversations: A tremendous opportunity to build real relationships with your voters at scale. Conversations can drive real and ongoing engagement.

Targeted communication

Personalized messages: You can personalize your communication with each voter in your database. The database learns more and more about your subscribers.

Data collection

Data to understand what drives your supporters: Engagement becomes an opt-in into the integrated database. You can learn to understand your voters by analyzing your conversations with them (e. g., what do they like about your politics, which message works, etc.).

Closer to your supporters

Be on your voters' smartphones: You will be directly on your supporters' smartphones with push notifications. This provides an opportunity to reach millennial voters who are immune to the traditional tools of political communication.

Are you interested?

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