Add a Messenger bot-builder to your NationBuilder!

WinWith.Me, the Messenger for Politicians is a Facebook Messenger bot-building platform fully integrated with NationBuilder for campaigns, NGOs and advocacy. You will be able to reach younger audiences with entertaining, conversational messages, and your campaign's database will be enhanced by the social interaction data of your fans.

Bots have higher than 80% open rate, and higher than 50% click through rate. Message sharing is very easy for the users - this is why we call this service the next generation of peer-to-peer messaging.

WinWith.Me is the first bot-building platform specifically designed for political and advocacy campaigns. Our platform is a data focused online messaging software, and we provide our clients different sets of tailor-made broadcast templates for their most typical use cases (event invitations, news alerts, online surveys, follow-up messages, interview reminders, etc.).

Now NationBuilder customers around the world can use WinWith.Me as their integrated bot-building platform. Data collected with WinWith.Me will be part of your database in a GDPR compliant way (according the European Union's data protection regulation). Every online interaction's log is uploaded into your nation, and you can directly access your lists stored nation through our system. Our target group editor will tell you how many people on a list in nation is also a subscriber of your Messenger bot.

Messenger bots are opt-in only, automated messaging channels with unlimited outbound broadcast sending capabilities for non-profit organizations. You can send messages only to those users who have subscribed to your bot, and bots talk with people in series of messages, in so called broadcasts. The people who are subscribers engage with you through quick reply buttons mainly.

Are you interested?

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