Tailor-made for politicians

Designed for political operations: Our developers have taken part in multiple political database building projects. Unlike many of the other Messenger bot-services in the market, WinWith.Me was designed by political campaigns experts and as a result it can be integrated fully into the data operations of political movements and organizations.

Ready-to-use sequences

We provide you with a platform and knowledge: It takes only 1 day to set-up your personalized Messenger channel and no more than a few days to train a member of your communications team to easly operate this channel.

Our templates and pre-set sequences for typical politics-specific use cases help you to take part in proven and tested ways of interaction.

  • Asking voters' opinion about an issue
  • Informing voters directly about a new initiative
  • Alerting them to a media appearance
  • Providing voters with personalized news alerts
  • Mobilizing for events, rallies
  • Asking for donations
  • Recruiting activists
  • GOTV operations, mobilizing on an election day

Full data integration

Messenger bot is an investment into your database: You build a subscriber base for your channel mainly through Facebook Ads. Subscribers opt in into your database. We collect data about their responses at level of individual subscribers (e. g., what they answered, what they clicked, what they shared, etc.). Integration of the subscriber's Facebook Page reaction data within the same data architecture is another key feature of WinWith.Me's system.

Later you can send messages and broadcasts based on this understanding of your supporters. WinWith.Me allows for sophisticated target group definitions and personalized targeting.

You can also integrate this database with other data sources about your voters. The data operation of our system lowers ad costs through improved target group identification.

No coding required

Intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based system: Someone with experience in operating a Facebook Page and ad-campaigns will already have the skills to use manage our Messenger bot. The structure and the narrative of your conversations can be adapted to your needs without any coding.

GDPR compliant solution

Electoral privacy must be respected: Our system fully complies with the EU’s new data-protection regulation (GDPR). We document every digital consent given to you by the user in the system, and our analysis of their online activity is strictly limited to what the applicable legal framework allows.

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